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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


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A Visit Recommendation

Sejera was established by ICA during the time of the First Aliyah. Now, a small and interesting museum operates there.

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First Meet of Nobel Forum

On June 10, the first meeting was convened of an association initiated by Israeli Nobel Prize winners.

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Science Day

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New Education Center & Lab

ICA is pleased to inaugurate at Afek School a new education center that integrates product design with physics studies.

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Tomato sorting machine

ICA helped Yariv Milo, a farmer of Moshav Kmehin, to develop the world's first machine of its kind: a sorting machine for clusters of cherry tomatoes.

The Anbara Date

The Anbara, a variety of date that originates in Saudi Arabia, was brought to Israel a few years ago.

Har Tavor Museum Upgrade

Letter of Appreciation

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