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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


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Supported Projects: 2014
The ICA Foundation is proud to present the list of grantees decided upon by the managerial board in its October meeting.


ICA Museum
The ICA Hatzerot HaIkarim Museum will be inaugurated next week by ICA President Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen, Bt. and members of the ICA Board, on their visit to the site.
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Science Olympiad

This is the third time that Israel has participated in the Olympiad.

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New Greenhouse

The Shalom Aleichem School, has won a grant to build a new educational greenhouse

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New in the Lab

A new device to amplify DNA sequences was purchased by ICA for the Dead Sea & Arava Science Center

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Ketura Soil Lab
The Laboratory was purchased from the grant provided to the Dead-Sea and Arava Science Center during the 2013-2014 budget. Enter for more
Emergency Education

During Operation Protective Edge, children and teens in the communities near the Gaza border were left without sufficient educational activities - These children and teens had a real need for fun and relaxing educational activities close to home

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