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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


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ICA Tours Hevel Eilot

Article on a visit by ICA to Hevel Eilot

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A Drone to Help Farmers

At the Maaleh Shaharut Regional School, a drone has been built that will help farmers to combat pests and diseases attacking the date palm groves.

ICA in Hevel Ayelot Journal
ICA appears in an article published in the Hevel Ayelot journal At the Edge of the Desert Enter for more...
Learning, Lecturing

Two students gave a talk to a large crowd of teachers, parents and students on particle theory

Visit to CERN

With the help of ICA, the program "ICA particles" is taking place. It is intended to strengthen the study of particle physics in Sde Boker High School.

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In supporting innovative projects, ICA is being assisted by the Committee for Educational Initiatives

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Experiential Math

A project to study mathematics in a very original experiential way has been tried at the Ramat Korazim School in the Mevuot Hermon Regional Council.

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