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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


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ICA Today

ICA In Israel

Founded in 1891 by Baron Maurice de Hirsch, the Jewish Charitable Association started its operation in Israel in 1900.
During the last years, ICA has concentrated its activities to the development of the peripheral areas of Galilee and the Negev. ICA supports novel projects in the fields of education, agriculture and tourism in rural areas. 
ICA is unique in its support to agriculture and tourism in Galilee and the Negev. This is due to its recognition of the importance of these fields, as the main source of employment and income there.

Council of Administration

ICA's main offices are situated in London while the Israeli ones are in Omer.
ICA is run by a Council of Administration, headed by a President, and 12 members from Europe, the US and Israel:

President: Sir Stephen Waley Cohen, Mousetrap Productions, Ambassadors Theatre + St Martin’s Theatre 11 Garrick Street, London, WC2E 9AR

Vice President: Baron Alain Philippson, Belgium.

Council: Mark J. Sebba, UK; Relly Brickner (Ph.D.), Israel; Hana Smouha, UK; Jacques Capelluto, USA, Peter Lawrence, UK; Beatrice Jouan, France; Isaac (Itche) Lidor, Israel; Jacques-Martin Philippson, Belgium; Marc Vellay, France; Doron Weiss, Israel; Geoffrey Gestetner, UK, Alan Philipp, UK; Dr. Benny Chefetz, Israel; Avner Hermoni, Israel; Bradley Fried, UK; William Cohen, UK.

Honorary Members: Vice President: Yehiel Admoni, Israel. Efraim Halevy, Israel; Yoki Lothan, Israel. John Jakobi, UK, Prof. Yona Chen, Israel.

Manager: Mr. Zeev Miller

Secretary: Mrs. Gloria Inbar