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Forum of Entrepreneurs in Education

The second tour in 2016 focused on the Tamar Regional Council region.
The more than 30 participants included teachers, school principals and directors.
The Dead Sea area was chosen to demonstrate several issues:

1. The Dead Sea and surroundings are in a most critical situation. Each year the water level drops by one meter, causing substantial recession of the shore and great ecological danger to a unique region of the world. At present, there is no feasible solution.

2. The huge sinkholes around the Dead Sea have ensued great economic damage to settlements, tourism, transportation and agriculture.
The sinkhole answer is dependent on the whole Dead Sea solution.

3. The Israeli agricultural crisis also exists in the Dead Sea area.

Notwithstanding the difficulties, several inspiring developments were presented:
1. Ein Tamar farmers are growing medicinal herbs for export to Europe. A farmer claimed: “Not even one gram of Salicornia can be gotten in Israel because it is all exported.”

2. It is certainly encouraging that Israel is investing millions to strengthen the tourist industry. Today there are 3000 hotel rooms, with an additional 6500 planned within the next three years, including “floating hotels on the Dead Sea” itself.

3. And, of course, the opening of the Dead Sea Research Institute was a highlight.
Researchers of the Science Center explained their research activity, emphasizing the possibilities for teachers to use it as an educational knowledge center.

As always, it was a pleasure to meet friends from the north (Tel-Hai) and from the south. Next year the tour will take place in the mid-Galilee.

Zeev Miller