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Agro Project Summary

In 2015-2016, ICA Israel supported the establishment of a branch of precision agriculture and agricultural technology at the Ein Shemer Ecological Greenhouse. The aim of the project is to make significant progress in developing agricultural education along a scientific technological track, beginning at the Greenhouse itself, then afterwards at the schools and education frameworks that have work and study relations with the Greenhouse.

The precision agriculture project at the Greenhouse advanced considerably. Ein Shemer sees this field as being at the forefront of the Greenhouse's study and research, and has the intention to continue to develop this in the coming years. Students at the Greenhouse are excited to become acquainted with, explore and invent technological solutions in the field of agriculture, while teachers who are exposed to the project are similarly are similarly enthused by the educational programs.

For the the full summary report of activities and additional photos, please see the attached document (Hebrew).
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