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Agricultural school in the desert

Shalom Friends,

This week I had the opportunity to meet a group of high-school youngsters at a unique school established 3 years ago.
Why is this unique?
1. It is a boarding school for pupils who chose to do agricultural work.
2. The boys and girls are very committed to the combination of studies and farming.
3. The school has only a few simple rooms in Moshav Hatzeva.
What are the results?
1. There are about 40 pupils in Grades 10-12. Next year the number will be doubled.
2. The Minister of Education selected this place as a model for a new kind of high school in the Galilee and in the Negev.
3. The farmers of Hatzeva and Ein Yahav cannot dream of a better present, that is, having these pupils available to help them. Their responsibility for completing tasks is extraordinary.
4. It is not surprising that matriculation results in this area are very high in comparison to those of pupils who do not work.
ICA approved a grant that was used to build a study center. When I visited there, the pupils thanked me greatly. It was my pleasure to work together with the pupils picking dates.

Attached is a photo of my visit there,