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Erez College visit

Dear Members,
Last week, en route to the western Galilee, I decided to pay a second visit to Erez College.
Last year ICA approved $35,000 grant for the purchase of a plastic injection machine. A report was sent a few months ago.
The reason for this visit was to meet the 17 students who recently graduated from the training program and who have all been absorbed into the plastic factories whose need for professional workers is unlimited.

The Ministry of Economics decided that Erez College should continue to train students and encourage Galilee post-army youth to join the industrial sector.
There is a post-military program in the Arava for the integration of youth into the agricultural sector. I recommended that the Erez College management do the same, that is, open a post-military program for industry. They were very enthusiastic and will start the program next year. A pre-military academy for youth, interested in technology, is also being considered.

Attached are several photos for your viewing pleasure,