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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


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ICA's History

The Jewish Colonization Association

The Jewish Colonization Association (ICA) was founded in 1891. It was incorporated in London as a joint-stock company and supplied by Baron de Hirsch with a capital of £ 2 million, which he later increased by endowment to £ 8 million. To the oppressed and persecuted Jews of Czarist Russia, ICA brought hope, either by organizing their emigration to countries where they could start a new life In freedom and dignity, or by ameliorating their economic conditions in the places where they lived. Manual crafts were seen as the medium through which these ends could best be achieved, and of these crafts farming was considered as the most regenerative and therefore the most important. This is the reason why the migratory movement from Russia, which ICA sponsored, was mainly directed to the "new countries" such as Argentina, Brazil and Canada, in which large tracts of land were acquired and a number of Jewish agricultural colonies established.