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23 July 2017
A year ago a grant was given to Beit Yehuda High School for study in physics.
The principal told me that there are two groups in their dormitory –French & Israeli – each studying physics according to their respective syllabus. I suggested that both groups learn together, choosing a topic not taught in either curriculum. Hence, rocket physics was selected. Since this high school is on the Gaza border, rocket study was very relevant.

The language gap was solved by teaching the program in English.

Last month 11 rockets were launched at the Weitzman Institute, because it cannot be done so close to the border. Teachers, pupils and parents were present at the launch which was appraised as highly successful. One of the proposals this year is a continuation of this project.
Enjoy the attached short film!

Zeev Miller


6 June 2017
Dear Friends,
Twenty years ago it was my pleasure to teach and admire a pupil named Shiri Mazor.
Today Dr. Shiri Mazor is a molecular biology teacher at the Hashalom High School in Mitzpe Ramon.
She was recently awarded the "Teacher of the Country" prize. This is a competition where pupils choose their most significant teachers.

She is applying part of the synthetic biology curriculum, specifically in molecular biology, that ICA has promoted in several institutions, including Mitzpe Ramon. This week Shiri presented the program before the selection committee attended by the President of Israel. In her speech she thanked ICA for its contribution in equipping the molecular biology lab.
Filled with much pride,



24 December 2016

On December 21'st ICA manager, Mr. Zeev Miller, visited the Ofek High School in the Matte Asher region.

There "Merkaz Acheret" and ICA run an educational accelerator for high school pupils and teachers in the Western Galilee.

One of the projects involves the making of a harp, activated by wind, that plays unique, fascinating sounds.

The project integrates several subjects including physics, product design engineering and business development.

The team members who examined the unfinished product were very impressed with the pupil's exposure to so many scientific facets.

The enclosed photos are part of the presentation describing the product's development. (The Hebrew slides are omitted.)

We are proud that ICA is a significant participant in such an interesting program.


24 December 2016
The attached photo bears the ICA sign on the door of the hatchery for Macrobrachium prawn at Kibbutz Dan, a project approved by ICA a year ago.

Remarkable scientific results have been attained and are being used in the hatchery development, as the project enters its second year.

Marketing of prawns is already planned for February to the Far East, this in collaboration with Enzootic (a start-up company that is also connected to ICA).


12 December 2016
In 2015-2016, ICA Israel supported the establishment of a branch of precision agriculture and agricultural technology at the Ein Shemer Ecological Greenhouse. The aim of the project is to make significant progress in developing agricultural education along a scientific technological track, beginning at the Greenhouse itself, then afterwards at the schools and education frameworks that have work and study relations with the Greenhouse.

The precision agriculture project at the Greenhouse advanced considerably. Ein Shemer sees this field as being at the forefront of the Greenhouse's study and research, and has the intention to continue to develop this in the coming years. Students at the Greenhouse are excited to become acquainted with, explore and invent technological solutions in the field of agriculture, while teachers who are exposed to the project are similarly are similarly enthused by the educational programs.

For the the full summary report of activities and additional photos, please see the attached document (Hebrew).


6 December 2016

The second tour in 2016 focused on the Tamar Regional Council region.
The more than 30 participants included teachers, school principals and directors.
The Dead Sea area was chosen to demonstrate several issues:

1. The Dead Sea and surroundings are in a most critical situation. Each year the water level drops by one meter, causing substantial recession of the shore and great ecological danger to a unique region of the world. At present, there is no feasible solution.

2. The huge sinkholes around the Dead Sea have ensued great economic damage to settlements, tourism, transportation and agriculture.
The sinkhole answer is dependent on the whole Dead Sea solution.

3. The Israeli agricultural crisis also exists in the Dead Sea area.

Notwithstanding the difficulties, several inspiring developments were presented:
1. Ein Tamar farmers are growing medicinal herbs for export to Europe. A farmer claimed: “Not even one gram of Salicornia can be gotten in Israel because it is all exported.”

2. It is certainly encouraging that Israel is investing millions to strengthen the tourist industry. Today there are 3000 hotel rooms, with an additional 6500 planned within the next three years, including “floating hotels on the Dead Sea” itself.

3. And, of course, the opening of the Dead Sea Research Institute was a highlight.
Researchers of the Science Center explained their research activity, emphasizing the possibilities for teachers to use it as an educational knowledge center.

As always, it was a pleasure to meet friends from the north (Tel-Hai) and from the south. Next year the tour will take place in the mid-Galilee.

Zeev Miller


6 December 2016
A new recording studio has been constructed and equipped for the Clore Music and Dance Center in Kfar Blum, Upper Galilee.

ICA is very proud of its support for this successful project.

The studio, which will serve the Clore Center for educational and professional use, meets all current demands for state-of-the-art production.

Designed and built during 2015 - 2016, the studio occupies a place that was previously used as a storage room for musical instruments and equipment.

The attached pdf document, which includes Hebrew text and many pictures, tells the story of the entire process.


28 November 2016

This week the Dead Sea Research Institute at Masada was inaugurated with many attendees who watched a very moving ceremony. Attached are several photos relating to ICA’s involvement.

The Institute was established by the Tamar Regional Council with the support of the Israeli government, the Porter Foundation (England) and, of course, ICA in Israel at a cost of 4 million NIS.

During the ceremony Professor Yona Chen spoke on behalf of ICA that was praised by many participants for its activity overall and, specifically, at the Tamar Regional Council and at the scientific R&D.

The greatest achievement of the Dead Sea & Arava Science Center has been to attract a significant number of researchers, engineers, technicians and research students. Just a few years ago there were hardly any researchers with little laboratory efforts. Without a doubt, the Ein Gedi branch is the most outstanding of the 3 R&D branches. ICA will have to try to strengthen the other branches at Hatzeva and at Ketura.

The Research Institute will house both the Science Center and the Tel-Aviv University. At the ceremony university researchers presented about 20 diverse study areas to be explored at the Institute. All research will be both practical and feasible, enriching the region with researchers and other academic staff.

The combination of the University and the Science Center marks an important stage of development, encompassing the University’s power and prestige with researchers’ work at the Center, assures fruitful cooperation that will benefit both sides, as well as the Tamar region itself.

One study presented by a University researcher was about the use of tools in the genome field for identifying and joining different sections of the Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered 60 years ago in the Judean desert. This is a perfect example that demonstrates the integration of scientific technology and the historical story. Professor Bentwich presented achievements in the microbiome and skin field, that the Science Center focuses on and specializes in.

With great pleasure I take this opportunity to inform you that 2 patents, related to the MOR plant, have been registered by the Science Center. The research has now ended and its results enable us to proceed to the commercial phase. Both Algatech and Kibbutz Hatzerim are examining possible investment and commercialization. I recently met with American trade companies that will also study possible cooperation in the MOR and skin field. All this brings much respect to the Science Center and ample pride and joy to ICA.


11 September 2016
The Upper Galilee is primarily based on orchard agriculture.
ICA supports the advancement of agricultural research, with special emphasis on methods of identification, prevention and environmentally-friendly pest control.

The phyto-pathological and physiological labs for plants are well-integrated in this outlook.


11 September 2016
Close to Sde Boker, in the middle of the Negev, there is a large field of rocks inscribed with words in very ancient characters.
Mr. Razi Yahel, together with Sde Boker College and assisted ICA, decided to transform the site of these inscriptions into a history class.

Well done! The site is being visited and studied by many students.
One student, says Yahel, decided to write his thesis on the subject, which received a mark of 100.

Well done!