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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


Supported projects

Radiation machine for sterilization of male fruit flies
Updated: March 2012
Ben Gurion University of the Negev – The Bergman Institute for Applied Sciences
Innovative Cash crop Halophytes for Future Halophyte Growers in Ramat Negev
Updated: March 2012
  • שדה מחקר מופ רמת הנגב. הנחית פרויקט ד"ר משה שגיא
Beit Shean R&D
Growing spices in a "Chinese Greenhouse"s
Updated: March 2012
Aro, Volcani Center, Blaustein Institute, BGU and Central Arava R&D
Feed Supplement for Intensive Aquaculture (a 3-year project)
Updated: March 2012
Ardom - Regional Enterprises of Kibbutzim in Southern Arava
Elifaz B Reservoir and Connection Agricultural Lands - Eilat Treated Sewage Phase B
Updated: March 2012
Central Arava R&D
Blending of desalinated and saline water for efficient agricultural and responsible environmental irrigation (A 2-year project)
Updated: February 2012
  • Red tomato's that were developed by this project. Red tomato's that were developed by this project.
Astaxanthin production
Updated: February 2012
Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) Volcani Center
Use of Desalination Brine for Rearing Fish (a 3-year project)
Updated: February 2012