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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


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Central Arava Regional Council

R&D Centre in Central Arava for agriculture, water, tourism, preservation of nature and quality of the environment


Tourism to the Arava in general and agricultural tourism in particular, has developed by leaps and bounds during the past few years. Today there are over 230 guesthouses in the region, as well as catering and other services. There is a large population segment interested in agriculture tourism, and the Yair station is the central drawing stone in the field.

The main visitors are schools, company trips, pensioners’ trips, tours for donors from abroad – mostly JNF the Jewish Agency, Sinadco and a growing number of private individuals coming for vacation in the Arava.

In the past few months the Yair Station appointed Ms.Ossi Winter as coordinator of agricultural tourism. She will be in charge of the tours visiting the Yair Station. During the tours visitors are told about the settlement of the Arava, agriculture in the area and tourism .Due to the ever growing demand, the Arava Research & Development Unit is in need of a central enclosed structure that will host the incoming groups and will exhibit and present the agriculture and research activities in the region


The Currently there is an approved programme for the project including all the necessary licenses from the building planning committee.

The feasibility programme drawn by Ilan Ben Yosef show the potential of the Center. The estimated number of visitors in the first year should be over 23,000 and it is expected to increase annually.

The building, approx. 1,000 sq.m., will be based on the infrastructure of the actual greenhouse. The building will include an entrance hall, a lecture room and an exhibition greenhouse.

Ezra Ravins