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We support projects in agriculture, education and tourism since 1891.


Supported projects

Kibbutz Ravid
Digitizing and computerizing an educational center and an educational library for teachers and educators in northern Israel
Updated: March 2012
Kibbutz Hakuk - Hakuk Fortress Education Centre
Absorbing new immigrants and acquiring Hebrew in the 21st Century
Updated: March 2012
Kibbutz Eshbal - an Educational Kibbutz
Settling 25 young educators in Galille and providing educational solutions for 500 children
Updated: March 2012
Har V’gai Regional School
The Creation of a National Resources Centre for Distance Learning
Updated: March 2012
Eshkol Regional Council
The new united Eshkol High School
Updated: March 2012
Eshel hanasi - Youth Village
High Tech High (HTH) in Eshel Hanassi and in Ein Shemer Greenhouse
Updated: March 2012
Erez – Centre for Educational and Social Advancement in Western Galilee
Bringing vocation-specific computer tools to moshav members
Updated: February 2012
Arava Leadership Institute (ALI)
Establishment of the Leadership Institute
Updated: February 2012