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Eilot Regional Council

Lightning project at Timna Park


Generators are used to light up the main sites at Timna Park. Illumination of the sites is essential because:

a.       During the summer months average day temperatures rise to 38o C and the income drops drastically. The solution to this problem is to open the park at night as well.  In 2003 this idea was implemented with great success.

b.      The main events take place at the foot of the Solomon’s Pillars ridge and its illumination permits various happenings to take place  such as: office and/or family parties, in addition to a dance show “Anaphasa in the Desert”, concerts, etc.

Today, in order to hold any type of event, it is necessary to hire generators, for lighting, sound, heating and cooling purposes.  This item causes a significant rise in the cost of the events, and therefore reduces the number of events and consequently of visitors.

The lighting project is intended to bring Timna Park to its appropriate, world-class level. Presently when visitors see the Pillars they react with awe. There is no doubt that, during warm summer nights, after their illumination, they will be overwhelmed by the effect.


The main object of the project is to increase by some 50% the number of nighttime visitors to the park during the summer months. In order to attain this goal  a low tension, underground line, approx. 650 m long must be installed - from the high voltage transformer to Solomon’s Pillars.

Mr. Michael Lavie