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Erez – Centre for Educational and Social Advancement in Western Galilee

Bringing vocation-specific computer tools to moshav members


The moshavim situated on Israel's north-western border with Lebanon are located far from major centers of population and activities. This distance prohibits (logistically as well as  psychologically) participation in study opportunities. These barriers have been overcome for some moshav members with the aid of a fully mobile computer lab, purchased with the JCA Foundation support in 2001. Courses in computer applications were conducted in outlying moshavim which helped to eliminate the logistic barriers. The hands-on experience with the computers has made the psychological barrier a thing of the past.


The main objective of this project is to provide moshav members with tools to better run their businesses, by utilizing the basic skills developed in computer use, as a prerequisite to advanced, vocation-specific training. With the aid of the mobile computer lab, courses in advanced computer applications can be conducted in the outlying moshavim for: small business managers, mushroom growers, fruit growers, poultry and egg producers, and tourist- related entrepreneurs. Vocation-specific software packages that have been developed (for flower growers, for example) will be incorporated in the courses. Participants will prepare projects in the course related to their own individual business.

Sandee Illouz