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Kibbutz Eshbal - an Educational Kibbutz

Settling 25 young educators in Galille and providing educational solutions for 500 children


Taking Kibbutz Ravid (the first educational Kibbutz) as an example, a group of young men and women decided in 1998 to establish another Educational Kibbutz in Galilee – Kibbutz Eshbal.

Seeing the harsh reality of Israeli society, and the state of the Israeli educational system, Eshbal members realized that the potential for changing and improving the face of Israeli society lies in education and shaping the future generation of Israel. Therefore they decided to devote their lives to the education of young Israelis.

During the past decade, Eshbal members have established: a boarding school for alienated youth from the Ethiopian community, a high school for at-risk youth in Karmiel, a co-existence center, and numerous additional unique educational programs for the benefit of the Galilee youth. The educational achievements and programs are highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education and the local authorities and the need for additional educators is high.

Today, Eshbal counts with 60 members. All of them practice education by leading and venturing a large variety of educational programs, both formal and "informal education". The basic educational messages with all the different groups are on Democracy, Zionism, Humanism, & Leadership; Eshbal work influences more than 4,000 children, teenagers and adults all around the north of Israel.

Eshbal, Ravid and 15 additional educational urban Kibbutzim such as in Mitzpe Ramon, Akko, Rishon Le'Zion and more, are part of the Dror Israel - Educational-Zionist Movement.

During the last decade, dozens of young, committed, enthusiastic educators, wanted to join the action, and the educational community. Unfortunately, there wasn't a housing solution for additional members. These days a solution was found – the purchase and renovation of mobile abandoned buildings, will allow absorption of 14 new educators for the educational programs. With the adjustment of an existing building in Eshbal, 11 additional new educators will join, making a total of 25 new educators in a year's time. They will work with about 500 new participants in the different educational programs. A training process for the 25 new educators will help them to be absorbed smoothly into the different programs.


The main objectives of the project are:

  • Settling a group of 14 (out of 25) young educators, age 23-25, in Galilee

  • Allowing 500 additional teenagers to participate in the Eshbal programs.

  • Strengthening of a young and unique Zionist, pioneering community up north.

Gilad Peri