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Kibbutz Hakuk - Hakuk Fortress Education Centre

Absorbing new immigrants and acquiring Hebrew in the 21st Century


The Hakuk Fortress, a vital component of the project, was built in 1945. It is an impressive compound, conserved and reconstructed. The project main success is in its simplicity: absorbing the children, an “Ulpan” (school for new immigrants)  and finding a job. The results are evident: 73 people reside in Hakuk out of the 100 who came there in the last two years. They are all living in Israel.



The main objective of this project is to establish a model for absorbing new immigrants via rapid acquisition of the language: learning Hebrew quickly from a functional aspect, utilizing interactive computerized tools and an innovative global approach.

The regular “Ulpanim” teach the language using conventional tools. This is a long, expensive time-consuming process, which does not produce satisfactory results. As part of the project tutorial software will be developed in order to enable learning the language independently, with minimum instruction necessary. The initial instruction, using new technologies, including Hebrew basics and monitoring, will take place at the Language Centre” for absorbing immigrants residing in the kibbutz or in the area (Jordan Valley and Galilee).

The method followed in this project is called “The Natural Way” and is based on the process that children go through in acquiring a language using the 4 modes: listening, speaking, reading and writing interactively.

The development of the audio-visual aids will be done through filming authentic workshops of new immigrants. The footage will be used to design the software. The tutorial kit (i.e. software and books) can be applied anywhere in the country and can be a revolution in this subject for immigrants from the entire world. It can greatly improve acquisition of Hebrew in the Diaspora.

Mr. Eliahu Shwarzman