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Moshav Idan

Sea Gal Farm – A new method of pre-packing and packing of Ornamental Fish shipped for Export


Sea-Gal Fish Farm grows molly ornamental fish in a close bio-secured system and has been exporting them to Europe for the last four years. Step by step it has succeeded in building a stable market for its fishes in Europe. The fish have good reputation for their high quality, yet there is hard competition from Asian fish exporters because of their competitive, very low prices. Israel's growers pay the cost of shipping, which is about 25% of the final market price of small size molly fish. The buyers of mollys, as well as of many other species, prefer large size fish. However, the larger the fish size the higher the shipping cost. It may even rise to about 40% of the final selling price, which drastically cuts down the income of the grower.

For shipping the fish, they are packed in plastic bags containing water, pure oxygen, and chemicals that reduce the fish stress level. Many research studies were carried out at the farm in order to find ways for packing as many fish as possible in a bag. The goal was to cut the shipping costs down and thus raise the profit margin. Pre-packing and packing procedures were successfully improved and nowadays 30% more fish per a bag is shipped.

During the experiments, it was found out that there is a novel way to achieve much higher density in the pack by packing the fish in a “nest-pack”. “Nest-packing” is based on packing the fish in a very thin layer of water which enables the fish to get the best contact with the oxygen layer in the pack. For nest-packing fish, there is a need for a Tray Sealing machine in a controlled environment. It is believed that nest packing may significantly increase the density of the fish per shipment, thus considerably reducing the shipping cost per fish.

As of today, no one in Israel is using the Tray Sealing machine. It is intended to explore the feasibility of using this method at the farm. Success in developing this revolutionary method will lead to significant changes in the ornamental fish industry in Israel.



The main objectives of the project are:

  • To Introduce and develop the nest-packing technique with the Tray Sealing machine.

  • To Increase the profitability of exporting ornamental fish from Israel.

Ran Segev