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Moshav Idan

Ofaimme Farm – Sustainable Agriculture Model Farm in the Arava


The Ofaimme Farm has presented an extensive program for a model farm of sustainable agriculture in the Arava. The model has been accepted and supported by the regional council’s agricultural committee and the Ministry of Agriculture. The program suggests replacing the region’s mono-cultivation model (mainly peppers and tomatoes for export) in a comprehensive sustainable regional planning that will convert the family farm into a multi-species organic cultivator which includes fruits and vegetables as well as animals (for milk, eggs and meat). The family farm will also process the farm’s crops and preliminary products into unique secondary quality farm products. Both the fresh and processed produce will be branded as quality gourmet organic produce for local and international markets. The family brand will be marketed as a part of the ARAVA’s super-brand which will become a “quality stamp” of sustainable organic produce. The production and marketing unit will dramatically decrease the brokerage costs and increase the individual farmer’s profit along with stability in value and in marketing. In addition, and as a part of the sustainable approach, substantial investments in renewable energy resources and recycling of organic mass will be made. Careful planning of energy cycling and recycling will be introduced both to the private family farm and to the regional level. Thus, organic agriculture waste will be used for animal feed, animal by-products for plant fertilization, secondary product manufacturing water will be recycled for irrigation and reduced manual-labor cultivation and techniques will be adopted. This process will also result in decreased dependence on land and water resources and in working hands. The entire process will be complemented with the development of sustainable tourism based farms – as stand-alone units or as a part of the agricultural family farms and all the Arava’s super-brand and quality stamp. The Ofaimme farm has recently established an Organic Alpine Goat dairy farm and tourism center as a pilot model. This is accompanied with the planting of organic fruit groves (mango, dates) and production of vinegars, jams and vinaigrettes, organic taste- tomatoes for sun-drying and seasoning, organic tea infusion plants for herbal tea production and more.



The main objectives of the project are:

  • To create a sustainable based cultivation, production and marketing unit and

  • To brand it as Sustainable Organic Arava products.

Hedai Ofaimme