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Ramat Negev Desert Agricultural Research Center

Mini scale peonies for cut flowers


Ramat Negev Desert Agriculture research Center succeeded in the last three years to acclimatize the peony flowers to the Ramat-Negev area. Peony flowers receive a high price in the world markets and hence, growing them is extremely profitable.

Peony growing is concentrated up north, in Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights, and is marketed mostly during the months of March to May.

The growing method is basically simple - it can be grown in the local sandy soil and does not require special soil or shaded structures. The bulbs must be stored properly during the summer months to avoid exposing them to the high tempertures.

The only disadvantage is the high cost of reproductive material. It should be pointed up that the initial reproductive material would be the material for expansion over the years.
Storage of the material requires controlled refrigeration during 5 months, with temperatures varying until the time of planting.


The main objectives for the development of this project are:

  • To take advantage of the expansion potential of the peonies to become a major crop for the Ramat-Negev flower growers.
  • To market these flowers during the months of Januray-Febuary, at which time there is no other in the world besides Israel.
Yankale Moshkowitch