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Western Galilee High School in cooperation with the Branco Weis Institute

Developing a framework for the studies of digital media


The communication and media field as a whole, and especially journalism, are going through a revolutionary change, as the Internet’s part in public awareness is growing rapidly. This is not merely a technical change, but a social one and even a change of values, for the internet allows people to change from passive consumers of media to active ones, and even to become producers of media communication. Due to the extent and depth of that change, it becomes clearer that the internet as a medium has to be learned, in order to allow people to acquire the knowledge and the skills needed to put its advantages into a good use. Still, no high school in Israel has managed to develop a framework for the studies of digital media, and our intention, supported by the ministry of education, is to be the first school in Israel to do it.

The interactive feature of the internet allows and obliges that learning will take place in the center of a vast community activity, rather than be restricted to school’s boundaries. Since tourism is becoming a major component in the region’s variety of occupations, it is only natural to join the didactical needs with the needs of the community in a manner that will allow the students to combine learning with immediate implementation of the issues and skills they acquire, while enabling members of the community to promote tourism enterprises through the school’s internet portal.


The main objectives of the project are:

  • Western Galilee High School will establish media, advertising and digital communication-oriented studies. Within this framework the students will build and operate a portal, focusing on issues relevant to youth and community members from all over the region, with emphasis on tourism.

  • The school’s portal will act as a community arena that allow interactive on-line communications among people in the Maale Yosef region, as well as between them and other people in Israel and around the world, in order to utilize the region’s potential.




Kalia Hilo