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Project Profile

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Western Galilee Regional High School

Center for research projects in Physics


The way to develop curiosity, critical thinking and scientific literacy, is through research challenges that go beyond the conventional curricula. It demands reading of scientific texts, sorting and evaluating data, running experiments and producing research papers according to common scientific standards. A three year program aimed at creating such scientific literacy in physics was developed by Mr. Moshe Reich and is being implemented in "Manor-Cabri" high school for several years. Since 2006-7 the program created in "Manor-Cabri" high school is implemented in other schools of the region, including "Western Galilee" and "Shike-Danon" high schools, in order to improve science teaching as well as strengthen the communication and collaborations between schools' teachers and students all over Western Galilee .    

Proper implementation of this program in Western Galilee high school requires building and equipping a designated laboratory that will enable performing advanced research projects, in the existing center for the arts and science ("Eshkol-payis").



Besides serving Western-Galilee's students, this laboratory is aimed to serve students and teachers from all over the region that will be interested in using its facilities.   

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Teaching of critical thinking in physics.

  2. Confronting with open ended issues in physics.

  3.  Acquiring research implementation and writing skills.

  4.  Facilitating Cooperation among and between research teams in school and from schools all over the region.

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